How do you handle real estate leads?

What do you say when calling real estate leads?

Buyer Lead Script

  1. Get them off their guard by mentioning the specific property details they inquired about.
  2. Ask if they’re already working with an agent.
  3. Learn about their requirements on location, price, budget, timeline, etc.
  4. Figure out where they are in the home buyer’s journey to purchase.

How do you follow up with a seller lead?

7 Effective Follow-Up Techniques for Real Estate

  1. Make Time. We know, you’re busy. …
  2. Ask the Best Way to Contact Them. Some prefer to converse via email, others over the phone and others might prefer text. …
  3. Meet Them on Their Turf. …
  4. Perfect Your Opening Statement. …
  5. Provide Value. …
  6. Research & Use Data. …
  7. Know When to Step Away.

How many times should you contact a real estate lead?

We recommend all our clients to make at least 6 call attempts. By just making a few more call attempts, agents can experience up to a 70% increase in contact rates.

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How do you respond to a buyer lead?

10 Tips for Successfully Responding to Real Estate Leads

  1. Respond quickly. …
  2. Pick up the phone whenever possible. …
  3. Respond in the same way that a lead contacts you—but speed trumps all! …
  4. Make sure leads know how to get in contact with you. …
  5. Prove your value from the very beginning. …
  6. Have your own list of questions.

How do you introduce yourself as a real estate agent?

The best way to figure out how to introduce yourself is to think about what you feel most comfortable with, and what you normally introduce yourself as. If you usually say, “Hi, I’m so-and-so, a real estate agent” then perhaps that’s what you should stick with.

How do you respond to a sales lead?

Now, Let’s Look at the Data

  1. Don’t focus on “the perfect time” to engage. Engage every day throughout the day. …
  2. Attempt to increase call duration through quality conversations. …
  3. Respond to leads quickly, but not too quickly. …
  4. Be persistent. …
  5. Focus on quality engagement and don’t rely on volume alone.

How do you contact a lead?

Your aim should be to contact the lead and engage them in conversation. Ask if they found the information interesting and if they have any further questions, or if there’s anything else they need. A good strategy is to have some form of ‘exploratory’ call, which means they get to speak to one of your experts.

How do you chase up leads?

6 Ways to Effectively Follow Up with Your Leads

  1. Categorize your leads. Categorizing your leads makes a follow-up strategy easier to coordinate across your team. …
  2. Offer multiple follow-up channels. …
  3. Schedule your conversations with leads. …
  4. Avoid sales pitches. …
  5. Share your content. …
  6. Review your call analytics.
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What are the types of leads in real estate?

The 6 Types of Real Estate Leads for Realtors

  • Referrals.
  • Organic.
  • Portals.
  • PPC.
  • Social Media.
  • Lists.

How does Keller Williams get leads?

Keller williams does not do any lead generation for agents. You must lead generate on your own. They teach an old school model of scripts and door knocking for prospective leads. Everything else as far as training covers what you should have learned if you were newly licensed through pre-licensing.

What do you message your realtor?

Include your name. Clients may not have your number saved, so remind them who you are and what agency you’re with. Keep texts short. If you have a lot to say, ask if you can give them a call or send an email.

How do you respond to a real estate lead via email?

Real estate follow-up email checklist

  1. Respond immediately when clients reach out.
  2. Allow clients time to respond as they consider this major investment decision.
  3. Respect their preferred communication style.
  4. Be specific with your message.
  5. Detail the next steps so they understand why you need a response.

How do you respond to an online lead?

Online Marketing Leads – How to Respond

  1. Respond to your prospect in a timely and quality way.
  2. Be respectful of your prospect’s time and privacy when requesting the meeting.
  3. Always be focused on becoming a trusted advisor to your prospect.

What does leads mean in real estate?

Let’s start this out with a single truth: A real estate lead is the name and contact information for someone who is potentially a future client. That’s it. It’s not something fancy. There are no semantics (although lots of “experts” will make you think so).

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