Your question: What does TTL mean in real estate?

TTL. Technology Transfer and Licensing (intellectual property)

What is the meaning of the acronym TTL and why is it used?

Stands for “Time To Live.” Pretty intense for a computer term, huh? TTL is used when a “ping,” or a request for a response, is sent to another computer, such as a server. … The TTL represents the number of hops, or servers in different locations, the request can travel to before returning a failed attempt message.

What does RWT mean in real estate?

House plan abbreviations

RS Roller shutter
RWH Rainwater head
RWP Rainwater pipe
RWT Rainwater tank

What does TTL mean in shipping?

by Ship Inspection. Total commission (TTL). A percentage of the contracted amount of payments to a shipowner becomes payable to a broker or agent as income for his efforts in negotiating the contract (called “brokerage” or simply “commission”).

Is high TTL good?

The higher the TTL, the less frequently caching name servers need to query authoritative name servers. A higher TTL reduces the perceived latency of a site and decreases the dependency on the authoritative name servers. The lower the TTL, the sooner the cached record expires.

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What does pm mean in real estate?

Property Management Definition. Alternative Investments Real Estate Investing.

What does BOA mean in real estate?

Clients may even be pleasantly surprised by the new reality about buying a home today. … Clients can look into a low-down payment option like Bank of America’s Affordable Loan Solution loan where borrowers can put as little as 3 percent down with no private mortgage insurance required.

What does RWP mean on building plans?

RWP – Rain Water Pipe.

What does TTL mean in manufacturing?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Transistor–transistor logic (TTL) is a logic family built from bipolar junction transistors.

What is the standard number for a TTL field?

What’s the standard number for a TTL field? While this value can be set to anything from 0 to 255, 64 is the recommended standard.

What is time Live value?

The time-to-live value can be thought of as an upper bound on the time that an IP datagram can exist in an Internet system. The TTL field is set by the sender of the datagram, and reduced by every router on the route to its destination.