What does CL mean in real estate?

Closed (CL): The property has been sold and is no longer available. Expired: The property is no longer available for sale — typically because the seller could not find a buyer.

What does CL mean in business?

Liabilities (current and long-term) definition: A company’s debts or financial obligations incurred during business operations. Current liabilities (CL) are those debts that are payable within a year, such as a debt to suppliers.

What does C mean in property?

What are category C properties? These properties tend to be the cheapest on the market.

What does CL mean in addresses?

Collection and usage attributes

Street Type Abbreviation
Close Cl
Corner Crn
Court Ct
Crescent Cres

What does CL mean in job?


What does CL mean on an invoice?

This scenario deals with unassigned payments, also called payments on account, which must go through both of the following: They are posted into the Cash Ledger (CL) in advance, as long as the real invoice is not known.

What does CL stand for in investing?

Class C shares have higher expense ratios than A-shares and a small exit fee, which is usually waived after one year. Class C shares are popular with retail investors, and they are best for short-term investors.

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What country does CL stand for?

.cl, Internet country code top-level domain for Chile.

What does BR and BA mean in real estate?

Ba – bathroom. Br – bedroom. CAC – central air conditioning. Ch – central heat.

What is HBA in real estate?

House Building Advance (financing) HBA.

What does ISO mean in real estate?

Definition of “Insurance services office (iso)”

Organization that calculates rates and develops insurance policies for its property and casualty member companies.

What does LT mean in real estate?

This person is called a “life tenant.” When the life tenant dies, the life estate terminates, and another person acquires full title to the property.

What does CTG mean in real estate?

CTG – Contingent.

If a property is said to be under agreement or contingent or pending or under contract or active with contract or have a signed offer – it means the same thing. Namely, that there is a signed, accepted offer between Buyer and Seller.